In theory Sadly should be a girl because this little sad owl is autobiographic. Depression appears rampant as Mental Health conversations are finally seeing the light of day. In reality Depression has always been around. It has stolen too many days and crushed too many dreamers. I agree that it's time to speak up. Depression is REAL and it least it sucked the living daylight out of me and consumes too many people I love.  

Sadly the Owl is a line-dancing Owl who loves to jump out of bed to shine his boots. One day he wakes up with a big dark cloud above his head. This is a tale about more than just sad days and we can't wait to see Sadly shine his boots again. Ages 3 and up. 100% MADE IN CANADA.

I'm so excited that the lovely Ashley O'Mara illustrated this little survival tale. 

I'm available for school visits to talk about a little more than just sad days. Mental Health is an important pillar in overall happiness and children need to be encouraged in their environments to speak out about their thoughts and worries.

I'm no psychiatric professional. Instead, I'm a survivor and a living testament that it takes a team of capable professionals and lots of hugs from people I unconditionally adore. It's a daily gift to want to open my curtains. Living and learning with my depression is a fine balance and one that I refuse to tuck away in my diary of best kept secrets