"With determination and without compromise, Linnie von Sky has tirelessly followed her dream and vision to create three unforgettable, entertaining and educational books for children. 

Acceptance, fitting in, being heard, dealing with sadness (depression), immigration, self image,  weight issues, and self confidence are some of the tough topics that Linnie tackles in her timely books for children. 

As an Educational Assistant and having worked in many schools, and for many years, I see children facing mental, emotional and physical issues every day. Linnie's carefully crafted stories open critical dialogue with children. Through the beautifully illustrated characters in her stories she teaches them: to have a voice, to understand they are not alone in their struggles, and finally how to build resilience.

I have personally seen the enthusiasm that children have shown for  'A Canadian Love Story', 'Pom Pom' and 'Sadly the Owl', and their responses have been incredible, resulting in numerous discussions and surprisingly insightful observations!

These books belong on every school library shelf, and in every child’s personal collection."

- Janet Miele, Educational Assistant, Ontario

"Linnie von Sky's foray into the world of children's story book writing and publishing took wing in the curiousest of places: On a trio of air sickness bags aboard a flight from Toronto to Edmonton. 

But the German-born Vancouver transplant's profound connection to the power stories have in young people's lives stretches back to her own girlhood full of books. With her second independently published children's story book now on sale, and a third in the works, von Sky is opening the minds and heartf of children (and grown ups) with her thoughtful stories about big issues facing kids today." Click here to read the full story. 

- Lindsay William-Ross for Vancity Buzz