If Our Canadian Love Story was my lovechild, then Pom Pom is my passion baby. There are few causes I feel stronger about than creating a safe and nurturing environment for all of us lovely people to live and play in. Bullying destroys lives and leaves unhealable wounds. Kids and adults deserve to be stood up for and supported. 

Pomeroy Paulus Junior III want two things in life: his friends and family to stop calling him Pom Pom and to impress Pia with his new orange swim trunks. The only problem is that the Ant-A-Mart doesn't carry his size. This is my flightless bully tale about kindness, friendship, empathy love and respect. Ages 3 and up. 100% MADE IN CANADA. 

Illustrated by the lovely Rebecca A.Bender


I am available for school visits to talk about bullying. As the daughter of a leading Obesity researcher, I developed an early interest in combating weight stigma. While working for the Canadian Obesity Network I was a founding member of the 'Perfect At Any Size' media gallery and an active member of the Obesity Action Coalition's working group on Weight Bias and Discrimination.

We have all bullied and been bullied. As children and adults we know how much bullying hurts. Sometimes we just have to be reminded to be gentle with each other so that we can all feel safe and loved.