This little story is my lovechild and my firstborn. The one that left my world forever changed when it arrived.

Our Canadian Love Story is a whimsical children's tale about immigration, endless horizons, the smell of maple syrup, why jackrabbits change colour and Canada. This two in one adventure reads from both covers and chronicles the journey of el señor Giacomo and mademoiselle Jacqueline, as they leave their homes in France and Mexico to travel to Terminal 1 of Canada International Airport where they fall madly in love and start a band. Ages 3 and up. 100% MADE IN CANADA.

Illustrated by the lovely Rebecca Wright (A.Bender)

I'm available for school visits to talk about immigration, melting pots, multi cultural togetherness and making a home in a new country. As an immigrant to Canada with a UBC certificate in Immigration: Law, Policy and Procedure, I know a thing or two about leaving my home to find a new one in a place far away. We'll have so much fun sharing adventure stories about Canada's colourful diversity.