Mother, Wife, Author, Publisher & Huffington Post Blogger

Berlin bred and Vancouver rooted, Linnie von Sky is a wife, new mom and indie author/publisher of 'made in canada' children's books. Silk Web Publishing is her first baby. 

Linnie spent 2012 - 2013 turning a story she wrote on three Air Canada air-sickness bags into her first book, 'Our Canadian Love Story - An Immigration Tale' and went on to crowd-fund and publish 'Pom Pom - A Flightless Bully Tale' (2014) and 'Sadly The Owl - An Untold Tale' (2015). Her topics range from immigration (she came to Canada in 2002), to bullying (she went to High School), to depression (she was diagnosed in 2009).

With her fourth and fifth title in the works (The Birds and The Bees Don't Do It - A Milky Tale & The American Sign Language Hipster Alphabet for Babes pub date 2017), Linnie recently returned from Book Expo America 2016 in Chicago with a distribution deal with Independent Publishing Group's (IPG) Small Press United. 

An infant under one arm and the production of more educational conversation starters (plus another crowd funding campaign) under the other, this indie author/publisher has got her hands full. 

After posting a letter to her daughter Ella entitled Your first name is 'beauty' and your last name is 'ful(l)' to her facebook page , Linnie was invited to become a regular blog contributor for Huffington Post.

Thanks for stoping by and for checking out her page! 

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